Rugby and How It Changes Our Lifestyle

To have a place where we feel comfortable in being ourselves is extremely important for growth; especially for the younger generation. For some, rugby is it. The passion and love for the game had since then grow among Malaysians, especially young adults. This week’s article is about rugby and how it has helped and changed us towards living a better lifestyle.

1. Social Development
As rugby is a sport where teamwork is crucial within teammates, this can play a factor in building a player’s personality development while they grow. Whilst decision making skills and capability to analyse is also important, confidence is what will help the players shine; thus creating a more tight-knit synergy between the team which will drive them to win championships.

2. First Steps to Healthy Lifestyle

By introducing rugby or any kind of sports to young children, it became the first step to leading a healthier lifestyle. However, injuries and sports are pretty much inseparable. But in today’s age of information, we can teach our children in navigating and balancing a healthier mental state with the help of modern technology. In example, if an injury occurred during a game, rugby officials used Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT3) to decide whether the player is fit for the game or to be taken out for the rest of the game. In the long run, this can be pave a way to create a society of young, healthy rugby players to continue play the game they love the most.

3. Scholarships and Career Opportunities
These days, there are plenty of opportunities we can do to help children to carve their talents in rugby. Help comes in many forms as in like scholarships or better yet, eventual career opportunity. Athletic scholarships are something that uprising rugby players can aim to achieve into the future. With proper guidance, training and experience, more talented and young rugby players can be produce to further spread the passion of rugby to Malaysian youngsters.

Rugby is uniquely a sport where almost everyone can play regardless of age, size, gender, abilities. To build a foundation of promising young rugby players, many parties will be involved in realising the dream to make a better lifestyle for the younger generation. Until then, the game continues.